Behind the scenes of a Newborn Shoot

Mar 12, 2020

When you look at newborn images on Instagram or Facebook it’s hard to imagine how it would be in reality isn’t it.

With that in mind I took another lovely photographer along with me called Amy, who took photos of me, taking photos of Mummy Emma, and baby Poppy.

Behind the scenes it’s all very normal. Whatever normal is? 

Here are a few thoughts on ‘Normal’.

  • Normal is your home with boxes in the corner because you were hoping to move before baby arrived.
  • Normal is building work going on in the kitchen.
  • Normal is the nursery packed full of stuff because baby arrived early and you haven’t had chance to put the room together yet.
  • Normal is Dad frantically running around making sure that the 2 year old (who is a bit wired because there is a new baby in his life) is kept happy ready for his time in front of the camera.
  • Normal is a camera shy toddler who you are sure will refuse to be in any of the pictures.
  • Normal is an emotional, over-tired, sore mummy who has put her make-up on and done her hair but is still sure that she looks terrible.
  • Normal is worrying that your baby won’t sleep or be put down.

It’s absolutely right for you, I promise!

The only difference with the people who book without worrying is that they know that no-one’s life is perfect. 

That’s where I come in. Just to show the very best of your real life situation.

If you’ve met me already, or spoken to a friend that I’ve photographed, you won’t worry. I’m relaxed and patient, am more than happy to make you a cuppa. More importantly I’ve been there and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me into your home to take such special images for you.

I want your newborn session to feel calm and personal. 

When I arrive we take a bit of time to get to know each other a little. There’s no rush and no pressure to rush from one shot to another.

We have a chat about a couple of images that you might have in mind, and anything that you don’t fancy.

I’ll then have a little tour and based on the best spaces to take images in, we’ll make a plan.

As you’ll see there are no lights, props, or complicated posing, just you and your baby. 

We go with your baby’s mood, if they look like they need a cuddle that’s what we do, and if they’re super happy we put them down and take some photos of them on the bed.

“We are so overwhelmed with the photographs that Helen has taken of our family. She captured our new family perfectly, without any stress or even thinking that we were having photographs taken.”

“Helen came to our home to do a newborn shoot, along with our 3 year old and 7 year old. It was the most calming and natural experience and Helen was so amazing with our elder 2 whilst I fed and tendered to our baby. It definitely didn’t feel like a stranger was in our house.”

Lucy 2019

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope it’s helped to put your mind at rest. Get in touch any time to have a chat about anything.


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