Beginners Photography Workshop

Join us for a relaxed and informative workshop where I’ll help you to take photos that you love

Beginners Photography Workshop

Welcome to my wonderful one-day beginner’s photography workshop! 

Do you have a camera but are not sure how how to use it properly?

Do you find that you get better results on your phone?

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been running my beginners workshop since 2019, and it’s the perfect day to start you on you your photography journey.

You’ll learn all about your camera and how you can choose the right settings to create images that you’re thrilled with.


Would you love to be able to take better photos with your camera?

I’d love to show you how.


Our workshop will be at the brand new Walled Garden Workshop at Libby’s Cafe in Brampton.

The morning will be indoors, in a very informal classroom setting.

It’ll be a really relaxed environment with plenty of tea/coffee to keep us going.

There will be lots of time to ask questions, have a play and find all the settings on your camera.

In the afternoon, after a light lunch provided by Libby’s Cafe, we’ll head out to Somersault Park where we can shoot a variety of different styles – landscapes, close up flowers, as well as portraits with model or two.

Saturday October 19 2024 - £150


Get Out Of Auto Mode

During the morning we’ll spend an hour or so discussing the benefits of manual mode and finding how to set it on your camera. We’ll then put it into practice all afternoon. Don’t worry, it’s totally jargon free, and suitable for total beginners. 


Creating Great Images

We’ll talk about choosing locations, finding the best light, composition and framing.



In addition to portraits, we will dip into the world of still life, macro photography, and landscapes, learning a few tips to set you on the right path.


Your kind words

A really enjoyable and informative photography course!

 Helen managed to present the course to all different levels of ability in a fun and simplistic way, so it’s easy to pick up and apply all the different techniques, I think my wife needs to attend one of the courses now

The course is a fabulous relaxed and friendly environment with all the information you need to get you on our way!

Honestly the best course I’ve done for myself. Before doing this course I was a point and shoot (auto) user, no matter how many YouTube videos I watch I couldn’t get my head around aperture, iso and shutter speeds and how to use these to get the best photo.

The sheer thought of using my camera in manual mode was enough to make me put my camera back in its bag. Since the class I haven’t used my camera without it being in manual mode and I’m loving it!

Helen not only explains it in such an easy way to understand (no scary photography lingo here) in the morning, but also takes you out to get on with it taking photos of actual subjects in the afternoon, teaching you composition, white balance the correct lighting etc.

If you are interested in learning the basics for a beginner like me (also a keen mummy with a camera) then you’re in the right place and you won’t regret it!


Helen’s relaxed but knowledge style had us all at ease from the start.

The best photography course I have been on. Helen’s relaxed but knowledge style had us all at ease from the start.

I started the day win the camera in auto before arriving and ended on manual and haven’t looked back.

Helen explains things in a simplistic way, which really helped me get my head around things. I’ve signed up to online photography courses in the past and this is by far a much better interactive session where you can put what you learn into practice with expert advice and supportive course delegates around you.

Great value for money, and I would definitely recommend. 

Do I need my own camera

You will need a camera of your own on the day. The afternoon will be practicing outdoors.

How long is the workshop

It’s 10-3pm

This is the plan (subject to slight change)-

  • 10am-12 – Studio Lesson
  • 12-12.30 – Light Lunch (provided)
  • 12.30-1pm – Practice
  • 1 – 2pm – Shooting Outdoors
  • 2-3pm – Model
Is lunch provided?

Yes, I’ll send you a form for any dietry requirements. If you’d prefer to bring your own, that’s fine too.

Is it suitable for any age?

It’s for anyone age 18+ 

I have just started a photography business. Will this be helpful?

No, this is just covering the basics. I offer 1:1 training. Please get in touch.

I've only ever used my camera in auto. Is it suitable for me?

That’s absolutely fine. As long as your camera can be put into ‘M’ I can teach you the rest

Treat yourself to a fun day of learning, just for you.

Photography Workshop Saturday October 19th - £150

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