Autumn Mini Sessions 2019 – A Visual Style and Colour Guide

If you’re booked an Outdoor Family Session or an Autumn Mini Session this season I hope you’ll find my visual style and colour guide really helpful when choosing how to dress your family.

Visual is always the best way to go so there are loads of pictures and idea for you to see.

Top Tip

A family looks really great together when they’re coordinated.

I don’t mean matching, but choosing different colours that all harmonise and work with the amazing autumnal colours too.

Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Have a look through the colours and ideas throughout the blog post and see what you like. Then when you have some outfit ideas together put them all out on your bed and make sure that one person or item of clothing doing stand out or look odd with the others.

Be Yourselves

If you love prints, wear prints, if you prefer to keep things really classic and simple that’s great too.

I’d hate for you to look back at your pictures and not feel happy with what everyone is wearing.

Ideas From the Highstreet

I chose Next and H&M mainly because they both have shops in Chesterfield. You can choose great outfits from anywhere though from Tesco to Joules.