Loop Collective

Welcome to the Loop Collective!

For women running their own businesses and creative projects in and around Derbyshire.

The group exists as an alternative to traditional business networking. Loop Collective offers the space and time for busy business women to come together – both to benefit their business for networking, but also to create a genuine support system – with a big emphasis on wellness.

Founded by successful, self-employed, Derbyshire business women, Helen Rowan and Michelle Leeder.

Helen Rowan

Family and Branding Photographer

Michelle Leeder

Therapist and Wellbeing Practitioner.

We’d both experienced networking events where it felt like a jostle of loud voices competing to flog their wares – and that just wasn’t very ‘us’.

We thought there must be lots of other business women out there who felt the same. Turns out we were right! 

Mindfullness painting workshop with Georgia Peskett

A supportive space

We wanted to create a supportive space where women can get together, share ideas and stories, ask for help when they need it and celebrate successes with each other.

If this sounds like you, we’d really love you to come along to one of our meetings at Tickled Trout in Barlow. It’s a genuinely friendly group with new people joining us all the time. You’d be made to feel very welcome.

The best place to keep up to date with updates is over on our Instagram Page


Loop Collective’s Core Values


Loop isn’t a place where you will be bombarded with sales pitches.


We want it to be a safe space so there’s never any pressure to say or be involved in anything that doesn’t feel right to you.


Meetings start with an invitation for members to introduce themselves and their businesses or creative projects but there’s never any obligation to do so.


We want people to be themselves rather than feel they have to show up in a certain way.

Brand New Full Day Event

Recharge and Rise

A Loop Collective Business Retreat