When is the best month to book a Spring Family Photoshoot in Chesterfield with Helen Rowan Photography?

Mar 20, 2019


Have you been thinking of booking a photoshoot this spring?

I’m often asked what is the best month to book and the short answer is all of them (possibly with the exception on Feb unless it snows).

I can’t rave about photographing your family outdoors enough, it’s such an amazing way to get some high quality natural images of you and your family.

The very best thing about booking a Family Photoshoot is that we can do absolutely anything. We can go somewhere that is really special to you and your family, or we can have a chat about a few things that you’d like and I can make some suggestions for you.

I’ve put together a few of my favorite images from last spring for you to see.


April is such a great time of year for a photoshoot, everything starts to become green again and it’s often warm but not overly hot.

As a natural light photographer I know exactly what I’m looking for in terms of locations to create beautiful portraits.

I love April because the light is still quite soft. Later in the summer I don’t generally offer sessions in the middle of the day (10.30-4pm) because the sun is to harsh and unflattering.

I love this set of images so much. Family sessions last anything up to 2 hours, giving us time to relax, have fun and create a beautiful, varied collection of images for you.


Bluebells are so magical. My bluebell mini sessions are booking up fast. You can link to my Bluebell Mini Session page here – Bluebell Mini Session

I also offer bluebells as part of a main Family Session. I find us a perfect location where we can pop into the bluebells for some photos on route to other locations to give you a nice variety of images.

Natural Portraits

When the kids are outdoors they feel free and totally at ease. We let them play, run and explore and then without you even realising I capture beautifully lit natural images of them.

This image was taken mid morning during a photoshoot in the woods.

May – Cherry Blossom

Blossom is such an incredible gift from nature. It creates the most amazing backdrop for images.

When we’re out playing around and capturing you as a family, I’m more than happy to create a more posed image for you if you wish.

Mellow Yellow

There is one other amazing site very specific to April, and that is the amazing yellow oil seed rape fields.

I will find us a beautiful location where we can pop into a yellow field at the end of a session. Please note though that it’s usually quite muddy and we’ll get covered in yellow pollen!

I met with a lovely family last April, we arranged a family session in a woodland setting and then finished off with a few images in a oil seed field. It’s such a great spot for a dramatic shot.

June – Poppies

Farmers hate them but aren’t poppies just beautiful! If you would specifically like images in the poppies let me know and I’ll keep a look out for a good location for us. An early morning or evening session is a must for this one.

June – Rhododendrons / Summer Vibe

In June everything starts to feel a lot more summery. It’s a perfect time for a family shoot if you love that summer feel. I like to start at 8.30/9am or after 5pm if possible.

If you’ve seen something that you like please let me know and we can start to discuss how we can create something similar for you and your family this spring.

I photograph all around Derbyshire and would love to hear where you’d like to go and where is special to you. Here are a few of the locations that I’ve photographed in spring/summer 2018

  • Padley Gorge
  • Curbar
  • Baslow Edge
  • Longshaw Estate
  • Matlock Bath
  • Chatsworth (shhhh)
  • Hardwick
  • Barlow
  • Chesterfield – too many locations to list


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