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Behind the Scenes with Helen Rowan Photography – Chesterfield Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

This blog post is for parents, and soon to be parents to have a look through some recent images to see if a natural, home newborn session is for them.

Almost all of my newborn sessions take place in family homes. Big ones, small ones, minimal, cluttered – they’re all perfect for my newborn sessions. If you’ve got windows and natural light coming in I’m happy.

The session is relaxed, free flowing, and lead by your baby. I have been trained in the safe posing of newborns so am more than happy to do a few posed portraits, but the main session will have more of a focus on simplicity, connection and storytelling.

Every session is totally personal to you but I’ve put together some images to explain a little about how I work and show you the kind of images that you’ll get as a basis for your collection.

I’m so excited to see so many babies that I’ve photographed over the past few months all on one place!

Family Connection

Babies, love to be held and comforted by you. I love to take photos of your baby in your hands, a close up in dad’s arms, and a couple of flattering photos of you.

Natural Light

I don’t bring along an arm-full of bulky lighting, I use the natural light from the window, and position baby and myself to get the most beautiful outcome. Using natural light over flash gives a really natural, soft feel to the images, and can also create some beautiful effects.

Unposed Images

Quite a lot of the photos that I take of your baby are unposed, especially if they’re awake. I focus on a nice comfortable position with good light and I snap away, capturing your babies sweet little personality.

Light Posing

Babies like to be wrapped, especially if they’re unsettled. As part of my sessions I don’t spend hours perfecting staged poses, I prefer lose wrapping and light, comfortable posing. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing posed newborn photographers out there but my sessions are all about capturing your baby just as they are.

The Small Details

Who doesn’t love tiny baby toes, and those impossibly tiny finger nails. I want you to remember it all, and they look amazing up on the wall.

A Few Arty Shots

The beauty of photographing in your home rather than a studio environment is that every situation is different. This gives me loads of scope to capture some creative shots for you. They often end up being a favourite for families too.


If you have older children you’ll naturally want photos of them together. Having a new baby in the house can sometimes be a tricky time for siblings, especially if they’re toddlers.

When I arrive I make sure that they know that they are the most important person in the room. As soon as we feel that they’re comfortable I do the photos that I want with them first before they lose interest. If they want to come back for more that’s fantastic, and if not we know that we have got a few good ones.

I have two small children of my own and have photographed hundreds of all ages so I have really realistic expectations, there is no need to worry.

It’s all about the Family

As parents we all take thousands of snapshots of our kids but these are different. They are long lasting quality portraits for for the future. It’s a moment in time that both you and your children will cherish in the future. They’re natural, flattering, and 100% non-cheesy.

I hope that’s given you a bit more insite into what I could create for your new family.

You can see more details and images over on my Newborn page of my website HERE.

I take bookings after your 20 weeks scan. I only book a certain number of sessions a month to ensure that I have plenty of time to give the images my care and attention in editing. If you’d like to book we generally pencil in around 10 days after your due date and then confirm the date after baby is born.

If you’d like to get in touch, or to book please follow the link below.

Helen xx

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