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Oct 12, 2020

As a professional photographer, interior design is a huge passion. My customers are proud home owners. They work hard and spend a lot of time creating a beautiful space for themselves and their families.

I love to photograph new parents in their home. More than capturing their new baby’s sweet face, I love to create a story of exactly what their life looked like in the moment that they became a family. In the future it becomes a snap shot of their happiness in that moment.

As well as families I also photograph small creative businesses. Having images of themselves in the place where they work (their home) is really important for blogging and social media. Personal Branding photography elevates my client’s online presence and gives them the confidence to post images of their home knowing that it’s looking it’s very best.

Entering a clients home for the first time is always a buzz for me. How I capture them on the day very much depends on the style that I see in their home. If the home is open and bright I tend to keep the crop wide open to bring in that light open feel into their images. If the property is cosy, dark and eclectic I carefully select a few pieces with the subject and keep the image tighter.

Here are a few recent client shoots, all taken in family homes.

If you run your business from home, or if you’re thinking about having a newborn shoot at home in Derbyshire, Sheffield, or Nottinghamshire I’d love you to get in touch for us to chat about it.


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