A Personal Branding Shoot with Elsie Moss Botanical – Chesterfield

Mar 31, 2022

Introduction to Lisa’s Brand

I’ve followed Lisa’s brand @elsiemossbotanical on instagram for a few years now. She has a wonderful online presence already. She really connects with her customers through her beautiful products, brand ethos and her serine and calming personality.

It was definitely time to bring herself into her brand though with some carefully curated images of her, doing what she loves.

Lisa describes perfectly what she does over on her website –

‘Maker of natural, organic, vegan soap bars and mineral bath salts. All handmade in my home-based workshop in Derbyshire using the highest quality ingredients, scented only with pure steam distilled essential oils and coloured with natural clays and botanicals.’


Preparing for the shoot day

After Lisa was all booked in I asked her a series of questions to gain an understanding of her business better and to ensure that we both have a clear understanding of what the images are going to be used for.

I also put together a personalised Pinterest board showing her a few ideas, and to help with outfit choices and styling on the day.

Do you hate the idea of having your photo taken?

Me too!

You’re not alone, almost everyone is nervous before the shoot. We’ll make sure that we’re prepared in advance, and then you can leave the rest to me. I’m calm, friendly, and totally sympathetic to the fact that this is not a normal thing to do. My super power is making you relax end even enjoy the process….. I promise!

Photoshoot Day!

We’d decided in advance to split the shoot into two sections. Firstly in Lisa’s workshop, this was the main focus for the shoot and where we took most of the images. Then we headed outside for the second section.

First location – The Elsie Moss Botanical Workshop

The workshop where the magic happens so it made total sense that the images should be taken here.

We loosely worked from a shoot list for this, making sure that everything was covered that Lisa needed for her website.

The plan was to create a varied set of portraits, working images, closeups and movement shots. 

It was made very easy by her having such a stunning workshop. I hope she won’t mind me telling you though that it’s not quite as big and clutter free as it looks. The reason I mention it, is that I don’t want you to feel put off using your own space.


Do you have a pet? I definitely want them in at least one shot. Who doesn’t love to see a pet picture on Instagram!

Location Two – Out!

As soon as we started to plan the shoot, I knew that I had the perfect location in mind for some outdoor images. 

Painted by local super-talent Peter Barber in a local community garden, the colours and surroundings were perfect!

I’m so happy with this set of images for Lisa’s business. They’re calm, stylish, and serine as I hoped. They perfectly capture Lisa’s personality and brand ethos. 

Lovely comment from Lisa


It was such a fun morning, Helen is so friendly and easy going and I felt like we’d known each other for ages, even though we’d never met in the flesh before the day. I’m so thrilled with the photos and finally have some fabulous professional looking pics for the website. Helen, you are hugely talented, thank you so much!

I can’t ask for more than that really can I!


If you have your own business, and would like emotive images to attract your dream client, please get in touch any time.

You can see more about my Personal Branding shoots here.

I’m also currently putting together a plan for a Mini Headshot Day, so please get in touch if you’d like info on that too.

Thanks very much for reading. I’d absolutely love you to follow me over on my new Instagram feed here.

Speak to you soon,

Helen x


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