Outfit Inspiration for Outdoor Family Photoshoots – Helen Rowan Photography – Spring 2018

Spring is amazing, and one of my favourite settings for outdoor family photo sessions.

As you know, I love the sessions to have a natural and relaxed feel, but there are a few choices you can make to ensure that your outfit choices work with the natural environment. At the end of the blog there is a link to my Spring Pinterest board with a few more styling ideas.

I’ve put together a palette giving you a few ideas how to choose and combine colours in your outfits. This can also be helpful to use if you’d like to wear different colours, so taking the top row, Dad might wear mainly the dark denim colours with white leaving a few other highlight colours for the kids.

We don’t want to over style kids for family shoots, but if you’d like to add a few little accessories, they can really add interest to the photos. It’s also something that we can play with and change for different photos to give a bit of variety.

Simple styling that you could bring along might include –

  • Straw Hat
  • Flat Cap
  • Hair Piece
  • Small Basket
  • Traditional teddy bear

Other options that we can work on together are

  • Bunch of flowers
  • Balloons
  • Garland
  • Chair/Wooden box to sit on